Specialty Machine Design

We approach each of our client’s objectives with the same care and integrity that we put into the selection of our design team. From the hiring process to software selection, each decision is stringently studied to ensure the highest degree of flexibility without compromising quality. As a result, we ensure there is no task out of reach, and no concept too demanding. Our designers will complete your package by bringing unique industry experience to an already robust innovative process.


Trillium Machine and Tool's departments collaborate seamlessly to guarantee the most efficient and modern solutions to meet our client’s needs. From our machinists to our builders, and everything in between, we guarantee unhindered communication along every step of the way. This tactic has become critical in providing an industry advantage. Whether the project requires complex components and/or precise tolerances, our approach ensures results. We strive for keeping your budget tight and our excellence untouched.


Our experienced controls department is capable of handling everything from the most intricate retrofit at your facility to full panel builds. Our designs fixate on expandability and reliability. These two focuses allow for continuous machine development and implementation without risking down time. Our consistency does not waiver, whether it’s an indicator light or a complex inspection system, you can expect continuous reliable output and robust programming.

Support Services

Service doesn't start with part failure, it starts in design. Each of our components and assemblies are not only designed for easy replacement of consumables, but can be serviced by most technicians. Our components are reviewed and selected to ensure that their lifetime compliments its service requirements. In the event a failure does occur, our support staff not only has the knowledge and experience to get you back up and running regardless of the environment, but the skills and professionalism to do so efficiently and economically.